Chem Crete FAQ

,Colors / Patterns - Are these the only colors and textures we can choose from?
  • All our work is custom.  Within few limitations, we can create most any color, texture, and pattern you can imagine. 
Process - How long does the process take?
  • Once the agreement is signed, we schedule your project for start within 1 - 2 days, or possibly up to two weeks in our busy season.
  • We complete all projects in a timely manner.  Typically on residential projects, we arrive by about 7 - 8 AM, and on smaller projects with normal concrete surface preparation, we can start applying the new coatings before noon.  By late afternoon, we're doing clean-up and detail work. On larger projects this process takes 2 - 3 days.
  • Below is a few photos of the process in-work.
Usage - How long before we can use the surface?
  • We suggest you avoid any contact with the new surface for up to 24 hours after job completion so it can initially cure.  After that it can sustain full use.  If you must walk on it - use soft soled slippers, sneakers, or bare feet.  Pets walking on it should be OK.
  • With garage floors / driveways coated with epoxy, you may gently walk on it within 24 hours of job completion, and we strongly suggest 7 days before you park a car on the new surface.  Sooner may discolor light colors of new epoxy from the hot rubber tires.
Warranty - What is the warranty on your concrete coating products?
  • Summary Only - contact Chem Crete for the full warranty details and written copy.  We use premium products that will perform well over time.  Even though the products remain serviceable, we can't control the stability of the concrete or other surface to which they are applied.  Concrete can shift, crack, and undergo other changes that affect the appearance of your project, yet the coating still adheres properly and remains serviceable.
  • Coating Materials & Labor
    • Two Year Unconditional Warranty - contact Chem Crete for details
    • Five Year Total Limited Warranty - contact Chem Crete for details
  • Not Covered - shifting, cracking, moisture damage / efflorescence to concrete or other surface underlay, user-caused damage / impact / gouging, dulling by sun / wind / water / dirt / residue / normal wear, staining

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